Great Gadgets

Your family beach trip is approaching, and you really want this vacation to be one for the books. You’ve already packed the beach towels, the sand castle building equipment, and of course, loads of sunscreen. If you’re considering snorkeling at all on your trip, check out the new and improved snorkel mask. Here are a few reasons why this gadget will amp up your oceanic adventures.


  1. Anti-Fog

Nothing is worse than having that beautiful ocean landscape in your vision, only to be clouded by fog inside your mask. These glasses are designed specifically with a separate breathing chamber to reduce fog, making your adventures a whole lot more enjoyable. You can even breathe through your nose or your mouth with this innovative design.


  1. GoPro Attachment

Holding your GoPro underwater can become quite annoying. Save yourself the trouble by utilizing the built-in GoPro mount on this mask.


  1. Dry Mouth Technology

Getting sea water in your mouth while snorkeling can be a huge downer. Luckily, the creators of this mask designed a product that keeps ocean water where it belongs, so you can focus on the joys of snorkeling instead.


  1. 180-degree lens

This design brings you a wider lens so that you can enjoy the ocean views at maximum capacity, much like a real sea creature.

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