Great Gadgets

Out by the pool? Plans to cruise down the river this weekend with some friends? If the weather is going to be perfect, try creating an even more relaxing ambiance with this floating, waterproof speaker. Check out a few reasons why this gadget will bring ease and joy to your next water journey.  


  1. Bluetooth

With simple connectivity, play your favorite adventure tunes from any Bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.


  1. Battery Life

Keep your party on the water going for up to ten hours with the extended battery life. The device takes about 2-3 to charge fully, so make sure you remember to charge the night before your trip.  


  1. Durable

This little gizmo is waterproof as well as dustproof, so you never have to be concerned with getting it dirty on your adventures. And of course, the floating mechanism doesn’t hurt being on the water either. Never worry about your speaker plummeting to the bottom of the sea again!


  1. Sound Quality

This floating speaker has immaculate sound quality, complete with heavy bass and crystal clear audio. Who knew that pumped up concert vibes would meet your next water voyage?

Wanting to snag your very own floating Bluetooth speaker? Click here for some worry-free river magic.