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Let’s face it — drinking an adequate amount of H20 each day is easier said than done. Check out some of the most hydrating foods that will help boost your water intake. Adding these plants to your diet regularly can help give you that extra pep-in-your-step you’ve been missing.


  1. Cantaloupe

High in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, this sweet treat will satisfy the whole family on a hot day. Cantaloupes are in peak season during the summertime, which makes it the perfect snack to bring along on a sunny weekend getaway.


  1. Cucumber

High in Vitamin K and molybdenum, this refreshing plant supports the regulation of blood sugar along with blood cholesterol. Cucumbers contain over 73 unique phenolic compounds that help fight inflammation, keeping you and your family healthy. Talk about a superfood!


  1. Bell Pepper

These crunchy veggies are actually one of the highest sources of Vitamin C out there, containing even more C than oranges! A great source of the carotenoids, these guys provide amazing health benefits such as improving eye health and reducing the risk of cancer.  


  1. Watermelon

Containing 92% water, there’s no easier way to stay hydrated than munching on this succulent snack. Studies show that watermelons are more hydrating than water or Gatorade. You can thank mother nature time and time again for delivering such a satisfying treat.


  1. Pineapple

Not just for pina coladas! High in Vitamin C and fiber, this juicy fruit helps support immune function, digestion, and eye health.


  1. Carrot

Carrot consumption has countless benefits, including the promotion of bone health, fat and protein metabolism, and blood pressure control. Because carrots are high in Vitamin A (a fat-soluble vitamin), try dunking them in some hummus for increased absorption of nutrients.


  1. Apple

With so many varieties on the market, you’re bound to find the perfect apple to fit you and your style. Just one apple contains 17% of recommended daily fiber needs, helping reduce your blood cholesterol and aiding in digestive function.


  1. Celery

Just one serving of celery contains 40% of the recommended daily Vitamin K, which supports bone mineralization, cell growth, and healthy blood regulation. Celery contains a whopping 92% water along with electrolytes, making it the perfect hydration go-to.


  1. Blueberries

These little guys are a great source of manganese, which helps regulate thyroid, metabolism, and bone strength. Keeping these yummy nature pods on hand will provide a much healthier alternative than reaching for the oatmeal cream pies after work.   


  1. Kiwi

Kiwi is chock-full with nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. Shown to assist in respiratory health, skin maintenance, and sleep regulation, you never have to feel guilty about munching down on this juicy produce.


Tip: Prep fruits and veggies into slices or cubes on Sundays so you don’t have to think twice about snacking on them throughout the week. Keep a Tupperware or two at your work on Monday, and leave the rest in your fridge to grab after a long day. Your body will imminently thank you when you reach for the foods that fuel your health.