When your kiddo comes home from school with a little gap in their grin, you know the anticipation of the Tooth Fairy’s visit has kicked in. Check out these simple tricks to keep your child beaming from ear to ear, even with a missing tooth.


  1. Recycle

Use an old mint tin, dental floss container, or a baby food jar as the base of your project.


  1. Write a note

Depending on how creative you’re feeling at the moment, compose a poem or letter from the Tooth Fairy, or simply find one online. Leave the note behind in the box when you collect the tooth.


  1. Decorate to impress

Choose your child’s favorite colors to create the box with. Use craft store paint as a base color. Don’t forget to use superglue for any added jewels or other decor. If they are putting this under their pillow, their Tooth Fairy box should be toss n’ turn proof!