Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance can be an intimidating world to try to navigate through, trust us, we know… We make it our business to provide dental services to individuals on a daily basis, and still struggle with managing the ins-and-outs of the dental insurance world. The truth is, with literally hundreds of plan variations, an array of personal-paid, or employer-paid, or discount plans, and industry regulations that vary state by state, the world of dental insurance is not what the average person would call “user-friendly.” Not by a long shot.

So, what is a dental patient trying to receive care, maintain good dental health and manage expenses supposed to do? Trust your provider. Let us be your guide. Our office has years and years of combined experience in our field. We know what services are most expensive for our patients, which services are necessary and those that can be scheduled for a later date.

If you have dental insurance (whether by purchasing yourself or as a perk of your employment) you likely believe that its job is to ‘insure’ or ‘protect’ you against possible or even unlikely occurrences. After all, this is how we use car insurance, homeowners insurance, and even medical insurance. Here is the hard cold truth – dental insurance is NOT the same. It does not function in that way and it has never been designed to. This is because basic and regular dental care is always necessary and typical just to maintain good oral health. In an average year, 2 cleanings, an exam, and x-rays are the bare minimum of what a healthy person needs to maintain good oral health. The out of pocket expense for these services usually does not come even close to the expense of 1 full year worth of insurance premiums.

Whether you pay or your employer pays, the fact that you may need dental care services above just the maintenance of a cleaning and exam is not only possible but likely. Then what are you left with? Out-of-pocket expenses. That is why regardless of which insurance plan you have or don’t have, you really shouldn’t let your trust lie with the Dental Insurance industry, but rather with your dental provider-Us. We can help you get the care you need for your health, and manage the expense in the best way possible for your situation.