Tips and Tricks

There is something really great about the feeling when you get in your car and it is clean. Without spending a ton of money on an expensive car detailing or hours upon hours cleaning it the same old way – how do you enjoy that feeling? Here are a few cleaning tips from the pros that get the job done better, faster, and cheaper.


Toothpaste Your Headlights:

Using a non-gel toothpaste acts as a gentle abrasive and works to remove dirt from your headlights, improving their brightness. Just apply a thin layer of toothpaste to the headlight and then wipe microfiber cloth (dont have one – use an old t-shirt), you can spruce up your lights in no time.


Armor All:

Whether you use the wipes or the spray, this product is like magic. I dare you to use it again (or for the first time) and not be amazed at the result. It’s like botox for cars. It will have your interior and tires shining like they just rolled off the dealer’s lot.


Compressed Air Dusting:

One of these cans of compressed air can take the ‘elbow grease’ part out of your car clean job. These handy cans (you may have used them for cleaning an office keyboard) are perfect to get into small nooks and crannies of car interiors. Use it after you have emptied the car of trash, but before you do any vacuuming.


Unstick a Sticker:

You or one of your family members may have decided to put a sticker on the bumper (or even interior) of your car at some point in the past. You don’t have to commit to that choice forever. The best way to remove it is to wet the sticker with a warm wet cloth and let it soak in. Rub the cloth until the sticker is soaked, and gently use a credit card to remove.

* For extra hard jobs, apply a bit of WD-40 onto the corners of the sticker and use the credit card to scrape an edge up, then apply a bit more and repeat!